Raising awareness during Road Safety Week

21 November 2022

There is a death or a serious injury on UK roads every 16 minutes.

Tragically, five people die every day on the country’s highways. These are astonishing statistics.

That’s why we are always pleased to support Road Safety Week, the annual campaign by Brake to remind people of the dangers of the roads, which concluded yesterday.

This year, the theme of the week was ‘Safe Roads For All’, highlighting everyone’s right to make safe and healthy journeys.

At Higgs LLP, Road Safety Week is a cause close to our hearts. Our personal injury team has daily contact with people who have suffered life-changing injuries because of the actions of other road users.

Andy Shaw, Head of Personal Injury at Higgs, said: “UK roads are dangerous places. Hundreds of deaths and serious injuries occur every week – and our team sees all too often the devastating impact they can have on people and their loved ones.

“The majority of road traffic incidents can be avoided by changes to driving behaviour. Every action taken, as a driver or a passenger, can change the outcome of a journey and the future of a family.

“Brake did a fantastic job last week of raising awareness of key areas of road safety, including safe roads, safe vehicles and speeds, the new hierarchy of road users, and the importance of inclusivity to keep us all secure on the roads, no matter who we are, or how we travel.”

Andy added: “With the shorter days, winter weather and the approaching festive season, road safety becomes particularly important and we support the Brake’s campaign.”

Millions took part in Road Safety Week 2022, including thousands of schools, communities, organisations, and emergency services, helping to spread messages about improving road safety across the nation.

Higgs recognises the challenges that clients and their families face in the aftermath of serious injury or illness. With this in mind, Higgs strives to help clients rebuild their lives with a desire to ultimately maximise outcomes, wherever possible.

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