Higgs isn’t just a workplace; it is a community where everyone, regardless of their role is seen as a valued contributor to a shared vision.

We do not think there is a magic formula to the Higgs culture

At the heart of Higgs is a culture that celebrates diversity, innovation and most importantly, the individuals who make up the team. We want working at Higgs to be more than just a job; we want it to be a fulfilling career. 

The firm’s commitment to valuing its people, whatever your role, manifests in various ways. For example, our mentoring programme helps not only to guide people through the intricacies of the legal world but also encourages them to voice their ideas. The culture of continuous learning at Higgs ensures that wisdom is shared and growth is nurtured. 

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The team is everything at Higgs

Over your time with the firm, we hope that the associations with colleagues, clients, business partners and the community become enduring relationships. We believe that a connected team is a productive team. Regular team-building activities, from events in our Atrium to regular social gatherings, foster a sense of camaraderie that transcends the boundaries of the office (be that physical or remote). It isn’t just about the legal matters; it is about people working together toward common goals. 

The partners at Higgs understand the importance of supporting their team’s professional development. Through a range of experts, they provide ongoing training, workshops and seminars to keep everyone abreast of the latest legal trends. We know that supporting personal and professional development and investing in our people not only enhances their skills but adds value to the firm’s reputation

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Our values

Our values are CLEAR and are the guiding principles at the heart of everything we do. They are far more than simply words on a page. They breathe life into our actions and words, guiding our interactions with our people, clients, business partners and community.






We take care of our people

The firm’s commitment to long-term careers is evident in its emphasis on work-life balance. Our colleagues aren’t just lawyers and specialists; they are people with passions, interests and a life beyond the law. Flexible working hours, remote options and wellness programmes allow our team to balance their lives, creating an environment where everyone can flourish. 

Higgs is more than just a workplace; it is a launchpad for ambition. Recognising the potential in team members, we provide avenues for career progression. There are many success stories where colleagues who started as trainees go on to become partners. The firm’s commitment to internal growth is a testament to its belief that every individual can pursue a long-term and rewarding career. 

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" A genuinely fun and exciting place to work. This is a really unique law firm with so much to offer. Great people, a sense of togetherness and authenticity."

Glassdoor Review

"Everyone is so friendly, down-to-earth and approachable. We all work hard but have fun along the way - it's part of the Higgs culture"

Glassdoor Review

"Higgs is a friendly, inclusive and generous employer with lots of great benefits and it's heart in the right place. It has a fantastic client base, interesting work and a continuous desire to always do better."

Glassdoor Review

The key is to listen to and respect our people

As a leading regional law firm, Higgs treats people not as cogs in a legal machine but as the heartbeat of the business. We thrive on collaboration, respect and the unwavering belief that working at the firm is a journey of growth, camaraderie and success. 

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