Domestic Violence and Abuse

Addressing the complexities of domestic and abuse requires a sympathetic, compassionate and specialised approach.

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Guiding you through all aspects of domestic violence and abuse

Domestic abuse is cruel and complex and affect anyone regardless of age, gender, religion or race. Domestic abuse is often a pattern of abusive behaviour/incidents that goes on for a number of years but can also be one single incident.

Our dedicated team of domestic abuse lawyers are committed to assisting survivors who have experienced abuse in its various forms, recognising that abuse extends beyond physical or sexual harm to encompass psychological dimensions, including coercive control, economic abuse, post-separation abuse, and tech abuse.

Understanding that each survivor's experience is unique, our domestic violence lawyers provide unwavering support while focusing on the safety and well-being of those affected. We emphasise the importance of seeking legal remedies to address the different forms of abuse, from obtaining protective orders to navigating the legal implications of coercive control, psychological and economic abuse.

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals establish legal measures to protect against ongoing harm. We understand the nuanced challenges that survivors face after leaving an abusive relationship and strive to provide tailored solutions that prioritise their safety.

Tech abuse is a growing concern in today's digital age, which is an issue addressed with sensitivity by our team. We offer legal guidance to protect against online harassment, stalking, and other forms of technology-facilitated abuse, recognising the profound impact it can have on survivors' lives.

Physical and sexual abuse

Physical abuse is causing intentional bodily injury.  It includes slapping, pinching, kicking, shoving or inappropriate use of drugs or physical restraints.  There will be signs of physical abuse. 

Sexual abuse is non-consensual sexual contact or in simple terms, any unwanted sexual contact. 

Coercive control

Coercive control is a behaviour in which one person in the relationship uses tactics, manipulation, intimidation and various forms of emotional and psychological abuse to gain power and control over their partner.  It is more subtle but is no less serious. 

Economic abuse

Economic abuse includes exerting control over income, spending, bank accounts, bills and borrowing.  It includes controlling access to economic resources, diminishing the victim’s capacity to support themselves, forcing them to become dependent on the perpetrator financially.

False accusations of domestic abuse

If you believe that false accusations of domestic abuse have been made against you, then it is vital that you engage with our dedicated team of specialist domestic abuse at the earliest opportunity so that you can obtain the best possible advice. 

"Higgs LLP works to the highest standard, working collaboratively with its clients, ensuring that they understand every step of the process. Providing timely and measured advice. The team is very client focused. The team is tactically astute and gives great levels of service. The team will fight the difficult cases"

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"Excellent empathy during my divorce. Phil Barnsley was very companionate, knowledgeable and provided the relevant information so that I could make an informed choice. I will never forget how they got me through the most difficult part of my life it was like a therapeutic process"

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"Sioned Fitt has a uniquely insightful knowledge of her clients and the difficulties that they and their families / loved ones are facing. Sioned works tirelessly, with great care and patience to provide her clients with the support that they need"

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Post separation abuse

This is patterns of abuse that continue after a relationship has ended and can take many forms long after the relationship has ended, which can cause problems if there is are children involved. 

Tech abuse

Can also be known as digital abuse.  A form of controlling behaviour that uses technology as a means of coercing, stalking or harassing you. This may be by hacking your phone, using social media, cameras or other kinds of technology.

Why choose us as your domestic abuse lawyers

Many people who experience domestic abuse are conscious of taking steps to free themselves due to the repercussions involved.

We are able to offer a confidential environment, enabling you to talk to an expert who is able to guide you through the process, provide you with solutions.

Most of all, they will listen to you and be able to offer you support.  Our dedicated team can provide you with the support, expert bespoke advice and, signpost you to additional support and outreach support.

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