Spinal fracture injury from being hit by a car

30 November 2023

*Andrea was injured when hit by a vehicle.  From the force of the impact Andrea suffered a spinal fracture and shoulder injury. 

She was taken to hospital for emergency care and treatment.

Challenges and support

We made early contact with the insurer and got a very early admission of liability.  We also pressed the insurer to engage in rehabilitation and agreed the instruction of a suitable case manager. 

The case manager carried out an immediate needs assessment, which identified Andrea’s rehabilitation needs. This recommended psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy.

Andrea’s back was managed conservatively, but her shoulder injury needed significant surgery.  She was also affected psychologically by the crash.  Unable to work for some time, we secured several interim payments for Andrea, whilst the claim was ongoing. 

She had been in an active role with excellent career prospects but, due to the residual symptoms she could only return to a light role.  This impacted her career prospects and left her with a career-long loss of income and loss of pension.


We gathered all the evidence needed to maximise Andrea’s claim and successfully negotiated a settlement of around £500,000.  This included compensation for the injury and the financial losses. 

The settlement, which allowed for future treatment costs, provided Andrea with financial security for her and her family in the future. 


*Not their real name


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