Six-figure settlement after motorcycle accident

31 May 2022

Major trauma experts at leading law firm Higgs LLP have achieved a six-figure settlement for a client who suffered serious injuries following a motorcycle accident.

The claimant was a pillion passenger on a motorcycle when the car in front slowed down abruptly and failed to indicate before attempting a right turn.

The claimant was thrown from the motorcycle when it collided with the vehicle in front, resulting in her suffering serious injuries including a right knee fracture, broken left and right leg and significant scarring.

Supported by Laura Hopkins and Alison Rowlands, Andy Shaw, Partner in the serious personal injury team at Higgs LLP, was able to secure a six-figure settlement for the claimant.

Higgs also arranged significant rehabilitation for the client, who has seen dramatic improvements as a result.

Andy said: “We are pleased with this result which will help our client greatly with her rehabilitation.

“She has made tremendous progress and this settlement will ensure she is able to access the very best support to help her live as full a life as possible.”

Following the accident, the claimant underwent surgery, which included the insertion of metal implants to stabilise the fractures. In addition, a hinged knee brace was placed on her right knee.

The claimant was suffering from high levels of pain and discomfort, emotional distress and she was unable to complete everyday tasks, such as bathing and eating, without support.

She was initially unable to weight bear on her right side, requiring a wheelchair or crutches to mobilise. Consequently, she was discharged to a friend’s home as she was unable to enter her own property due to accessibility issues.

Andy added: “Our team successfully secured an early interim payment which enabled the claimant to rent a bungalow to assist with her mobility issues.  

“Thereafter, working in conjunction with Transcend Rehabilitation, the claimant benefitted from a bespoke rehabilitation consisting of a functional restoration programme delivered by Design 2 Move,  psychotherapy, personal training and gym membership.

“The rehabilitation programme focused on the implementation of a functional programme designed to educate and rehabilitate the claimant through tailored exercises. Outcome measures were used to measure progress and report on progress.”

A psychological assessment concluded that the claimant was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including difficulty sleeping due to nightmares regarding the accident, avoiding socialising and a general lack of interest in activities. In addition, the claimant had become self-conscious because of the resultant scars from the surgery.

The claimant continues to attend personal training in order to develop her strength.  She has now returned to hill walking on uneven ground.  Her symptoms have dramatically improved over an 18-month period and she is no longer dependent on mobility aids.

“The claimant has already achieved many of her long-term goals including hill walking on uneven ground and returning to work,” said Andy.

“The support put in place has helped the claimant dispense with all mobility aids and she has been able to successfully hike up and down The Wrekin.

“Importantly, a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon concluded that the interventions and support secured by Higgs on behalf of the claimant have resulted in there being no risk in the claimant’s condition deteriorating in the future.”

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