Road traffic accident causing spinal fractures

23 November 2023

Meg* was injured in a road crash and was taken for urgent hospital treatment. 

She had a spinal cord injury and needed emergency surgery to stabilise her spinal fractures. She was later moved to a specialist spinal rehabilitation centre.

Initial challenges

Her main symptoms are reduced movement in the legs. She can use a frame to get around but needs support and has been unable to return to work.  She is at risk of developing autonomic dysreflexia, a serious and life-threatening condition which can be suffered by people with a spinal cord injury.

Our support

We made early contact with the insurer and got them to engage in funding case management, which involved an immediate needs assessment by a specialist spinal cord injury case manager. We also secured funding for treatments including physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and occupational therapy.

As she is unable to work, we arranged a benefits assessment and secured an interim payment for various needs, which is kept in a trust that we created to protect her state benefits entitlement. We are supporting Meg in looking for a more suitable long-term housing solution. Our in-house client support manager has also helped her.

The case continues.


*Not their real name

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