Multi-million pound settlement for severe bleed on the brain

30 July 2023

Ciaran* was involved in a road crash which caused significant facial injuries and a head injury. Hospital scanning confirmed a severe bleed on the brain, and he was kept in critical care. 

As he improved, the hospital provided physiotherapy, speech and language, and occupational therapy support.  Later, he moved to a specialist brain injury unit before he was finally able to go home.

Our support

We contacted the insurer and secured a prompt admission of liability, then worked with them to appoint an expert case manager who specialised in traumatic brain injuries.  The case manager carried out an immediate needs assessment, which recommended various therapies that the insurer funded.  They also helped coordinate his rehabilitation plan.

In addition to this support, Ciaran needed funds as he was unable to work, and we obtained several large interim payments for him.  Ciaran also lacked mental capacity, due to his brain injury, to manage his financial affairs so we appointed a professional deputy to help manage his finances.


Ciaran was left with various problems such as fatigue and poor balance; headaches and tinnitus; behavioural issues, cognitive impairment, and communication difficulties.  To help address these issues, we arranged a package of ongoing rehabilitation. This included a support worker; specialist physiotherapy, psychiatric and psychological input; occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and audio-vestibular input.


When we had gathered all evidence to support the full value of Ciaran’s claim, we began negotiating and agreed a multi-million pounds settlement. This would provide for Ciaran’s future care and therapy needs, as well as all his financial losses, so that he would have future financial security.


*Not their real name

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