£350k for head injury with bleeding on the brain

01 August 2023

Veronica* was injured in a road traffic collision.  She suffered a head injury, with bleeding on the brain. 

At the scene she was in a critical condition she did improve at hospital and was finally well enough to go home. 

Initial challenges

She was left with significant short-term memory problems, a marked change in her personality, and vision and speech problems.  The brain injury meant that she also lacked capacity to manage her own financial affairs.

How we supported

We made early contact with the insurer who initially denied liability.  Despite this, we still secured their agreement to instruct a specialist brain injury case manager to carry out an immediate needs assessment. 

The case manager was also able to assist in co-ordinating the rehabilitation including physiotherapy, neuro-physiotherapy, and input from a neuropsychologist to help Veronica in managing her symptoms.

We also helped appoint lay and professional deputies to assist Veronica manage day-to-day affairs. During this time, we also began gathering all the evidence needed to support the claim.


In the end, the claim concluded for around £350,000 and included provision for future treatment, case management, care and assistance, and the costs of having a professional deputy. 

The settlement provided financial security for Veronica’s future.


*Not their real name

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