£1.5m after road crash victim suffered arm, leg and pelvic fractures

16 January 2024

John* was involved in a road crash and suffered arm, leg and pelvic fractures. He was taken to hospital and needed surgery.

Challenges faced by John

John received limited rehabilitation on the NHS after discharge home, even though he still had trouble walking and had psychological symptoms.

Support we provided

We made early contact with the insurer and instructed an experienced case manager to assess John’s needs.  From the assessment, we were able to arrange psychological and physiotherapy support. We also arranged occupational therapy, to help John return to work which he did, but in a reduced role. 

We also secured several interim payments for his lost income and to pay for some of the normal outgoings, as well as additional expenses such as paying for cleaners.

Liability was not formally admitted by the insurer whilst the police investigated however, we did finally secure a full admission from the insurer. This meant that we could concentrate on obtaining all the evidence needed to quantify the claim.


Unfortunately, John never made a good recovery from his injuries. The hip and leg injury made it difficult to walk far and his arm also remained very painful.  Apart from the physical injuries, he also continued to suffer upsetting psychological symptoms.

In the end, we managed to secure a settlement for John of around £1,500,000. This would provide him with financial security, as well as the ongoing treatment and care needs.           


*Not their real name

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