Higgs backing Mount Kilimanjaro climbing hero

09 June 2022

Higgs LLP has thrown its support behind a Manchester Arena victim who is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA).

Martin Hibbert, who was left paralysed by the Manchester Arena attack in 2017, has begun his epic seven-day 19,340ft trek up the Tanzania mountain in a specially adapted wheelchair.

Martin is on course to raise £1m for the SIA, which is a cause very close to colleagues at Higgs LLP.

Higgs LLP is the Trusted Legal Partner in the West Midlands region for the SIA and praised Martin’s commitment to helping other people with spinal injuries.

Andy Shaw, Partner and Head of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence at Higgs LLP, said: “We’re all very impressed with Martin’s drive and determination to complete this huge challenge and his desire to help the tremendous work the SIA does.

“As well as the financial boost for the SIA, Martin has helped to raise invaluable awareness for the charity and for people with spinal injuries.

“We all hope the climb goes well.”

Martin, 44 and from Bolton, was injured in the Manchester terror attack that killed 22 people and injured hundreds more, including his teenage daughter.

Martin said: “This is actually going to be the easiest part of it, even though we’re climbing Kilimanjaro.

“The actual work starts when we get back in terms of the bigger message about wanting to change the landscape for disabled people, especially people with spinal cord injuries.

“We’re going to be climbing a mountain but to get the changes that we need when we come back we’re going to have to move mountains.”

Through the SIA partnership, Higgs LLP’s clients with spinal cord injuries enjoy a number of benefits, including access to SIA’s support network which includes a team of spinal cord injury peers, specialist nurses, trained counsellors and an advocacy team.

People with the injuries are also signposted to access Higgs’ specialist legal support.

As well as providing advice if there is a legal claim as a result of injuries sustained or substandard medical intervention, the wider Higgs team is on hand to support holistically with other legal issues that arise, including supporting with the purchase of single level accommodation, dealing with matrimonial issues or employment concerns.

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