Sale of holiday home off the coast of Cornwall

24 January 2024

Vikki Seal is a conveyancing executive within the residential property team with specific expertise in plot sale and complex/high value sale transactions.

Vikki was recently instructed by a client in the sale of their holiday home located off the coast of Cornwall, for a sale price of £2.4m.

The transaction and client required attention to detail and a high level of efficiency. Vikki was able to meet client expectations not withstanding the complex nature of the transaction.

An already complex matter due to the high value of the property, the matters was further complicated by an entry revealed in the purchasers local search which suggested that an application had been made to designate part of the property as “waste land of a manor”. briefly ‘waste land of a manor’ is land defined as “the open, uncultivated and unoccupied land parcels of the manor other than the demesne lands of the manor”.  effectively the entry meant that part of the property was considered to be common land, and therefore subject to rights in favour of the others such as rights to graze livestock.

Although a unique situation Vikki was able to approach the matter with composure, and took the time and effort to liaise with solicitors local to the Property to understand the implications of the entry and how it can be addressed.

After researching the issue an approach was made to the council to remove the entry who accepted the same and dealt with the removal expeditiously, the sale was able to proceed within the timeframes required by the client and purchaser.

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