Road traffic collision resulting in a serious pelvic injury

28 March 2023

Diana* suffered significant injuries in a road traffic collision.  Her side of the car took the main impact and Diana was left with a serious pelvic injury. 

Diana needed surgery to repair her broken hip, with plates and screws used to stabilise her pelvis. 

Diana’s challenges

When she was well enough to be allowed home, Diana needed crutches to get around and also had to use a wheelchair.  She could not do jobs around the home for many weeks and had to rely on help.

Later, Diana was well enough to walk unaided but she developed pain in her lower back pain and left leg. In the end, to help reduce the pain, Diana decided to have further surgery to remove the metalwork from her pelvis. Diana was left with scarring from the surgery that she was very conscious of.

How we made a positive impact in Diana’s case

To help Diana we secured an early admission of liability.  We then pressed for, and got, several interim payments for Diana. These payments helped her financially as she was out of work.  We also arranged treatment to support Diana’s rehabilitation. We secured physiotherapy to help her and arranged for psychological therapy, to help her deal with psychological problems in dealing with the impact of the injuries.

The outcome

We pushed on to get the appropriate expert evidence from orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, psychological and camouflage experts. Only after we had all the necessary medical evidence to support Diana’s case did we begin negotiations.  We negotiated a final settlement of around £100,000.

Diana was pleased with the agreed compensation as she would use this to help with her ongoing rehabilitation needs, as well as making up for her lost earnings.


*Not her real name

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