Higgs secures £95k compensation after RTA

28 February 2023

Higgs’ Personal Injury team successfully secured £95,000 for a woman who suffered serious injuries after a car crash.

Laura Hopkins and Andy Shaw, supported by Alison Rowlands, were pleased to have secured the funds, which will help with rehabilitation and compensate the claimant for loss of work.

The claimant suffered significant injuries following a road traffic accident in November 2019 when she was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by the Defendant. The Defendant was turning right when the car was t-boned by an oncoming vehicle.

As a result of the accident, the claimant sustained significant injuries comprising of:

  • A significantly displaced left pelvic fracture 
  • Left pelvic wall haematoma
  • Left sacroiliac disruption
  • Sublaxation of the left superior rami
  • Stretched lateral cutaneous femoral nerve with numbness in the left big toe
  • Scarring to the lower abdomen
  • Scarring to the left hip

Laura Hopkins, Associate in the personal injury team at Higgs, said: “Our client was unconscious following impact. She was attended to by the ambulance crew and was subsequently admitted to the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire where she had treatment.

“The claimant underwent an open reduction and internal fixation of the left acetabulum where plates and screws were inserted into the pelvis and sacroiliac joint.

“On discharge from the hospital, the claimant had numbness over the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh and numbness in the big toe. She used crutches for a period of six weeks and a wheelchair for longer distances.”

The claimant later developed lumbar back pain, left sacroiliac pain with discomfort into the buttock radiating into the knee with ongoing numbness in the thigh and radiation.

By March 2020 she was able to walk unaided with a limp. The lateral cutaneous nerve numbness was expected to be permanent. In May 2020 she developed anterior knee pain after stopping using the crutches.

By September 2020, the claimant continued to experience pain in the lumbar spine and left sacroiliac joint, discomfort in the buttock and pain in both knees.

The claimant sustained scarring to her lower abdomen on the left side and scarring to her left hip.

She had an altered sensation within the area of the scars and it is felt that it is unlikely full sensation will return to these areas.

The Claimant had the metalwork from the pelvic fixation removed in September 2021.

Laura added: “Further to this, the Claimant also suffered from low mood, anxiety, worry, self-esteem issues and adjustment following her injuries due to the scarring and inability to work as well as sleep disturbance and anxiety.

“We were able to secure a prompt liability admission in January 2020 for the accident from the defendant’s insurance company enabling us to obtain interim payments for the claimant whilst she was out of work to assist her financially.

“We were able to refer the claimant for Cognitive behaviour Therapy to address and help her with the psychological implications of the accident. In addition, the claimant underwent sessions of physiotherapy for her pain and suffering.

“The treatment assisted with the constant pain to her back, hip and reduced range of movement and decreased muscle strength. The sessions also assisted to improve her muscle strength and address the pain she was suffering from.”

Medical evidence was obtained from orthopaedic, plastic surgeon, psychology and camouflage experts.

The claimant’s claim was concluded in the sum of £95,000.

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