£500k for road crash victim with serious shoulder injury

01 November 2023

Sarah* had a road crash in which she suffered a shoulder injury.

Initial challenges

Her shoulder was extremely painful and prevented her from working.  So, we contacted the insurers and secured a quick admission of liability from them, which meant that we were able to concentrate on supporting Sarah with her injury. 

How we supported

We arranged for a referral to a surgeon who recommended her to have surgery.  As the insurers were accepting fault, we approached them for payment under the Rehabilitation Code to cover all the surgical costs.  This included all the pre-operative and follow-up consultations, the surgery itself and post-operative physiotherapy.

Unfortunately, she did not recover as hoped from the surgery and was left with persistent pain and restricted movement in the shoulder.  She still could not return to work.  Sarah also developed depression, so we organised cognitive behavioural therapy and instructed a vocational case manager, to help Sarah plan a return to work.


In the end, the claim settled on the basis that Sarah was making good progress with her recovery and would soon be able to return to work.  Settlement was agreed at around £500,000 which compensated Sarah’s losses and provided some financial security into the future.


*Not their real name

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