£300,000 for fatal road traffic accident

17 October 2023

Ruth* was killed in a road traffic incident. The driver was later found guilty of causing her death. 

She was retired and had enjoyed gardening, as well as helping her grown-up children.

How we supported

We helped her partner make a claim for bereavement damages, as well as the various financial losses they had suffered with Ruth’s death. For example, Ruth’s pension had been part of the household income.  He also had lost her help around the home and garden, so we got a care report to assess the cost of her lost services.


A complexity with the claim involved Ruth’s health, as she had a pre-existing health condition impacting her life expectancy. We therefore needed to obtain medical evidence to establish the likely life expectancy. 

The outcome

The insurers accepted liability for Ruth’s death, and we were able, in negotiations, to secure a total settlement of around £300,000.  This will not bring back Ruth, but it will at least give her partner financial security.


*Not their real name

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