£225,000 for multiple injuries following a road accident

10 February 2023

Marty* was injured in a road traffic accident. Initially in a life-threatening condition he had leg, pelvic fractures and other injuries. He was taken to hospital for urgent treatment.

Initial challenges

When allowed home Marty used crutches and a wheelchair to get around and relied heavily on help from friends. He was unable to return to work and developed severe psychological symptoms.

How we supported

We made early contact with the insurer and got their agreement to instruct a case manager, who prepared an initial needs assessment that made several recommendations. We obtained funding for Marty to have hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy. We also pressed for and finally got, the insurer to admit liability and make several interim payments. To preserve Marty’s entitlement to means tested benefits, we sorted a personal injury trust for him.

Other challenges and how we dealt with them

Unfortunately, the insurer later withdrew rehabilitation funding, even though it was still needed, so we put in place private treatment on the basis that the costs would be recovered as part of the claim. In time, Marty made good progress with his injuries.


An initial offer was rejected as insufficient, so we issued court proceedings and were then able to enter into meaningful settlement discussions. In the end, a final settlement was achieved for £225,000 giving Marty financial security for his future treatment needs.

*Not their real name

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