£1.6m compensation after accident causing life-threatening injuries

21 September 2023

Harvey* was in a road crash when he sustained several life-threatening injuries.  He was taken to the local hospital for treatment. 

He had a bleed to his brain, a fractured arm, and multiple fractures to both legs. 

Initial challenges and how we supported

Our priority at the start of a case was getting in touch with the insurer and, despite them investigating the circumstances of the incident, they agreed to work with us collaboratively under the Serious Injury Guide or Rehabilitation Code.  This meant that we were able to appoint a brain injury case manager to see Harvey in hospital and prepare an Immediate Needs Assessment.  The case manager was instrumental in supporting Harvey to transition home.

Harvey was self-employed and was clearly unable to work due to his injuries, which meant that he was unable to earn money.  We organised interim payments from the insurer throughout the course of the case which eased his financial worries.

Other challenges

In the long term, to support alongside his NHS care, we were able to arrange private physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy.  As well as assessments with private consultants for plastic surgery, neurology, and orthopaedics.

This support ran alongside our work in putting together the evidence to maximise the settlement that Harvey could achieve, with in total nine different expert witnesses providing their opinion on the extent and impact of the injuries in Harvey.


When the evidence was all gathered, we were ready to enter final settlement negotiations with the insurer in a joint settlement meeting.  This resulted in a finally agreed settlement of £1.6m, which would give Harvey long term financial security to meet his future medical needs.

We also supported Harvey with setting up a personal injury trust for his settlement monies, to protect his entitlement to means tested benefits.  We also arranged for Harvey to receive investment advice from an independent financial advisor, who is experienced working with people who have suffered brain injury.


*Not their real name

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