£1.5m compensation for road crash victim with badly injured leg

18 October 2023

Julie* was involved in a road crash and badly injured her leg.  She was taken to the local hospital where she was treated and had surgery. 

She was going to be left with a permanent disability and disfigurement of the leg. It was expected that she would need more surgery in the future.

Initial challenges

When Julie was discharged from hospital she was cared for by her family.  She had some physiotherapy and worked to increase the strength in the leg. 

Later she still had trouble walking on the injured leg, particularly over long distances and developed low back pain. 

Unfortunately, she was unable to continue her work or return to playing sport.

How we supported

We notified the claim straightaway to the driver’s representative who agreed that a case manager should be instructed to prepare an immediate needs assessment. This provided a rehabilitation plan which included additional physiotherapy, case management and vocational rehabilitation. 


When the evidence was finalised to properly value Julie’s claim, we engaged in settlement negotiations and agreed a settlement of c. £1.5m.  This will cover not only Julie’s loss of earnings capacity, but also her future needs.


*Not their real name

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