Andy Bridge

Senior Estate Manager - Probate

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"I am a probate lawyer who regularly deals with high value estates and experience in dealing with foreign, business and agricultural assets and claiming appropriate inheritance tax reliefs”

I have been at Higgs now for just over nine years and I have always felt a sense of pride in the firm I work for and it’s reputation. The work I do is always varied and sometimes challenging.

The nature of the job I do means you could be dealing with anything and you need to be able to work through problems and situations you haven’t come across before on a regular basis and this means there is always something new to learn.

  • Managed to retrospectively claim a transferrable Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band despite the claim being 5 years out of time.
  • Completed an estate administration which had been half administered by an executor who subsequently passed away without keeping any records of the administration he had completed.
  • Completed an inheritance tax account and obtained a grant of probate for a family that had undertook various forms of lifetime gifting to make use of allowances and business property relief

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Jan Frodeno

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"Don’t aim at being consistently great. Aim to be great at being consistent" – Steve Magness

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Sandwell Valley

"I would like to thank you very much for that and also for all the hard work that you have undertaken on my behalf over the past couple of years.”

Douglas Walker

"Everything explained beautifully in concise manner. Thank you"

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