Spinal cord injury in a road traffic incident

10 July 2023

Sonya* suffered a serious spinal cord injury in a road traffic incident.

She was treated at the local hospital and later transferred to a specialist spinal injuries rehabilitation centre.

Initial challenges

Sonya’s injuries affected her legs however she was able to use a frame and a wheelchair to get around.  In time, she was able to go home but she relied on her family for a lot of support. 

Our support

We contacted the opponent’s representative and pressed for them to fund the appointment of a specialist spinal cord injury case manager. 

The case manager made various recommendations included specialist physiotherapy and occupational therapy, psychological and vocational support.

Interim payments

We also secured significant interim payments for Sonya who had a loss of income, as she was off work. 

To protect the funds, we put the money into a special trust, which means it is not considered when assessing the entitlement to means tested state benefits.

The case continues.


*Not their real name

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