Serious spinal cord injury after a road crash

04 January 2024

Veronica* was left with a serious spinal cord injury after being involved in a road crash. She was taken to hospital for urgent spinal surgery.

Initial challenges

In time it became clear that she would only have limited use of her arms and she was transferred to a local specialist orthopaedic hospital for spinal rehabilitation.

Veronica relied on using a wheelchair to get around, and needed people to support her with daily tasks, such as getting up and showered.

How we supported

We made early contact with the insurer and instructed a specialist spinal cord injury case manager to prepare an immediate needs assessment that made several recommendations.

We then secured an initial interim payment from the insurer to for pay the case manager to provide ongoing support.

Our in-house client support manager also helped Veronica with various needs, and she has also received support to help her maximise access to various statutory services from the local authority.

The case is ongoing.

*Not their real name

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