Road traffic collision causing fractured leg

03 September 2023

Gareth* was involved in a road traffic collision and taken to the local trauma centre to treat his fractured leg which needed surgical repair.

He also had a minor concussion injury and psychological symptoms.

Initial challenges

He was unsure what had happened and did not even have the details of the driver of the other vehicle. We managed to get the driver’s details from the police, which meant we were then able to contact their insurer.

Whilst the insurer was investigating the incident, to decide whether they would accept responsibility for the crash or not, we secured their agreement to instruct a specialist case manager. 

Our support

The case manager prepared an initial needs assessment which recommended private physiotherapy treatment, private counselling, and private occupational therapy. 

Whilst the client was initially unable to work, so we also arranged for him to receive welfare benefits advice.  We also obtained some interim payments from the insurer and set up a personal injury trust for the monies, to preserve his entitlement to means tested benefits.

Other challenges

Gareth preferred to resolve the claim promptly, to allow him to move on with his life.  So, with that in mind, we managed to negotiate a total settlement in the region of £80,000, which will compensate him for his injuries and losses.


*Not their real name

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