Road crash caused fatal head injury

07 August 2023

Bryony*, was involved in a road crash which caused a head injury from which she later died, leaving a partner and grown-up children. 

How we supported

When we were first asked by her partner to help him, we notified the driver’s representative of the claim.

We also began to quantify his claim, for bereavement damages and financial losses based on the lost income of his partner as well as the value of the services she had provided, in maintaining their home and garden.

We used a forensic accountant to help assess the financial losses.  There were also the various expenses of the estate. 

Other challenges

The representative had to make enquiries into the accident circumstances, before deciding if they would accept responsibility for the accident. 

This in turn required us to liaise with the police and the coroner, before the representative accepted responsibility. 


In the end, we negotiated a settlement of nearly £350,000.  This settlement, although it would never make up for his loss, meant that Bryony’s partner had some financial security for the future. 

*Not their real name

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