Rehabilitation support and compensation for serious leg injuries

04 July 2023

Billie* was travelling in a vehicle which crashed into another vehicle.  She had serious injuries to her leg and was taken to the local trauma centre for surgery.

Initial challenges

By the time she was well enough to go home, she had only received basic rehabilitation in the hospital.  She had also been provided with some aids and equipment for around the home, but she relied heavily on her partner for support and was unfit to return to work.

How we supported

After our personal injury lawyers were instructed, we contacted the insurers, to secure early an interim payment and their agreement to involve a case manager.  The case manager carried out an immediate needs assessment of Billie’s needs and, based on this, we were able to put in place physiotherapy, transport arrangements, psychotherapy, and ongoing case management.


The rehabilitation support fortunately helped Billie make a good recovery from her injuries so, after we had got all the evidence needed to prove the extent of her injuries and their future impact, we began settlement negotiations.  In the end, we secured a final award in the region of £95,000 for Billie, which helped her get back to her life.


*Not their real name

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