Eight-figure compensation after catastrophic injuries

16 May 2022

Clare Langford, Partner in the Higgs LLP medical negligence team, secures a ‘meaningful future’ for her client after hospital fails to provide adequate protection.

Clare Langford, a partner in Higgs LLP’s highly-regarded medical negligence team, has settled a long-standing case against the Secretary of State for Health for failing to provide adequate care resulting in catastrophic injuries.

As a consequence of the negligence, Higgs’ client was sadly left with life-threatening injuries resulting in permanent neurological damage causing physical limitations and impaired cognitive function.

As a result of the client’s complex needs, she was placed in a succession of nursing homes. However, none of these placements successfully addressed her needs or provided suitable rehabilitation. 

Clare was able to secure significant interim payments to appoint a case manager and arrange an initial trial of independent living.  

Clare said: “Following a successful trial, our client was moved into her own adapted home and fully supported by two carers 24 hours per day, plus a team of therapists.  

“As a consequence of the rehabilitation, our client made significant progress and became independent for many daily activities and able to enjoy social events, including attending and contributing to church services and family gatherings. 

“Her quality of life as a result of these changes is insurmountable.”

The client has now received an eight figure settlement including a periodical payment award to fund care and case management for the rest of the client’s life.

The client’s parents specifically thanked Clare for her ‘persistence and careful experience’ and for giving their daughter a ‘meaningful future’.

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