Brain injury caused by road traffic accident

05 December 2023

Irene* was involved in a serious road incident which caused multiple issues including a brain injury and various fractures. 

She was taken to hospital for emergency treatment and surgery, then later was discharged to step-down care.

Initial challenges and our support

We made early contact with the insurer and secured their agreement to appoint a specialist case manager.

The case manager prepared an immediate needs assessment, which detailed her rehabilitation needs.

The rehabilitation support provided included psychological and occupational therapy. 

Ongoing challenges

The insurer later stopped funding the rehabilitation however, we were able to continue it on the basis that the rehabilitation costs will form part of the overall claim.

When Irene returned home she was unable to go back to work, so we secured significant interim payments to cover her lost earnings, as well as various adaptations and a suitable wheelchair. 

The case continues.   

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