£525k settlement for multiple injuries after a road traffic collision

25 April 2023

Pauline* was involved in a road traffic collision and had to be taken to hospital because of her injuries. 

She had suspected concussion causing impaired memory, poor concentration, blurred vision, headaches, and fatigue. She also had neck, shoulder, and low back pain, and later developed depression.

Initial challenges

As specialists in traumatic brain injury, we appreciated the extent of Pauline’s injury and how best to support her. We immediately worked to get the insurers to fund the instruction of a specialist brain injury case manager.

They assessed the complex nature of Pauline’s symptoms and implemented bespoke treatment from a full multi-disciplinary team including a neuropsychologist, neurologist, neuropsychiatrist, and neuro-physiotherapist.

We also got several significant interim payments because Pauline was unable to return to her job because of her blurred vision and fatigue, so we got Pauline vocational rehabilitation.


We obtained all the evidence we needed from a range of medical experts, to support the extent of Pauline’s injuries and their impact on her life both now, and into the future.

When we began negotiations, we agreed a final figure in the region of £525,000, giving her a substantial fund for future treatment.


*Not their real name

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