£3.7m for lady hit by a car leaving her with a serious brain injury

21 December 2023

Victoria* was injured when hit by a car which left her with a serious brain injury.

Initial challenges

She was kept in hospital for some time, before being allowed home where her family looked after her. She developed personality difficulties from the brain injury, as well as frustration and low mood.

How we supported

We approached the insurers and got early interim payments for Victoria’s benefit. We also agreed the appointment of an independent, specialist brain injury case manager who put in place a comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehabilitation package, funded by the insurers. 

This provided Victoria with neuropsychological support, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and support workers. 

Other issues

Whilst Victoria was receiving her rehabilitation, we gathered all the necessary evidence to support the likely long-term impact on her life, so that we could assess the value of the claim. 

This included considering issues such as her likely life expectancy and the risk of developing epilepsy. Unfortunately, despite the level of rehabilitation provided it was thought that she was unlikely to be able to obtain employment and would likely require some measure of care and continuing treatment throughout her life.


We arranged a joint settlement meeting with the insurers, which resulted in a settlement of approximately £3.7 million. As Victoria lacks the necessary capacity to look after the funds, we also helped with the Court of Protection application. 

This settlement will ensure that Victoria’s future is now secure, making up for lost earnings into the future and to fund her ongoing support needs.


*Not their real name

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