£165,000 for serious road incident

27 March 2024

Serena* was involved in a serious road incident when she was hit by a vehicle and suffered several injuries, the worst of which was a bad foot fracture.

Initial challenges and our support

When Serena was discharged from hospital, she was unable to walk on her leg. She needed ongoing rehabilitation and found it difficult to work.

As soon as we were involved, we got in touch with the insurer and agreed the appointment of a specialist rehabilitation case manager. They made an immediate needs assessment for Serena and coordinated her rehabilitation needs; this included local physiotherapy and psychological therapy, as Serena had suffered psychologically after the crash. We also secured an interim payment for Serena, to help cover her initial financial losses.

Unfortunately, her recovery from the foot injury took some time and involved several operations to improve her use of the foot.  However, Serena was committed to her recovery.  She also wanted to return to an active lifestyle, so we got evidence to show what orthotic equipment she would need. 

Other challenges and outcome

The insurers alleged that Serena was partly to blame, but we never conceded this and in the final negotiations a settlement was agreed by Serena of around £165,000.  This included provision for her future needs, such as specialist orthotics and the possibility of more surgery. Serena was able to return to her previous work and with the benefit of the settlement, was positively looking forward to an active life.

*Not their real name

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