£100,000 compensation for road collision

20 December 2022

Carla* was injured in a road collision and taken to hospital to treat her broken wrist and leg.  She was able to go home however could not drive initially or do the shopping. 

How we supported Carla

The insurers disputed liability to begin with and tried to argue that Carla was at fault however, they later accepted full liability.  Despite the initial argument over responsibility, we managed to get the insurer to agree to pay a case manager and to release interim payments.  The case manager prepared an initial needs assessment, and based on this, it was recommended that Carla received physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy, as well as aids.


We completed the evidence to properly assess the value of the claim and began negotiations.  A final settlement was agreed in the region of £100,000. 


*Not their real name

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