Standing up for patients when ops go wrong

07 October 2022

Medical negligence at Higgs LLP have urged victims of sub-standard medical care to come forward for the help they need to progress with their lives.

Jenny Tetlow, part of the Higgs medical and NHS negligence team, said some people can be reluctant to pursue the NHS when things go wrong.

But Jenny said injuries as a result of clinical negligence can be life changing and people should be compensated for all the problems that occur as a result.

Jenny spoke after news broke that nearly 600 patients who had shoulder surgery at Walsall Manor Hospital are being recalled after the surgeon involved was suspended for several botched operations.

Mian Munawar Shah carried out operations at Walsall Manor Hospital between 2010 and 2020. During that time there were 18 complaints against Mr Shah and some patients received compensation for failed operations.

Jenny said: “When you go to a doctor for help, you put your trust in the NHS. You don’t expect to leave the health service in a worse position than you entered it.

“The situation at nearby Walsall Manor Hospital is shocking. Many people have been left with debilitating injuries but the doctor who performed botched shoulder surgeries was allowed to continue operating, even after multiple patients had received compensation for their injuries.

“Being injured as a result of clinical negligence can be life changing. We are here to help people recover damages, not just for their pain and suffering, but for all the other areas of their lives affected.

“This can cover time off work, diminished future employment prospects, necessary adaptions and care provided by family members.

“We find that some people are reluctant to take action against the NHS as we all feel it is an institution we are invested in, but it’s important every individual receives the help they need.”

Professor David Loughton CBE, Chief Executive of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, said the trust was doing all it could to establish whether people had been adversely affected by their surgery at Walsall Manor Hospital.

He promised that findings would be fully shared.

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