Higgs medical negligence team record £40m damages

02 February 2023

The medical negligence team at Higgs LLP has announced a record-breaking year, recovering more than £40m in damages for its clients.

The highly-regarded team achieved a best-ever £42,727,300 in compensation for more than 20 clients, including £4m for a mother and her son after mismanagement of her labour caused severe disability to the child.

Clare Langford, partner and leader of the medical negligence team, said: “Our medical negligence team continues to grow and expand and we are incredibly proud of our achievements in 2022.

“Winning or settling these cases brings what can be a difficult and stressful time for our clients to a conclusion. We often find that finalising matters helps to provide some closure to these individuals and their families.

“The compensation awarded can be life-changing by helping to fund ongoing care, accommodation, medical expenses or simply improving our clients’ quality of life.

“We have many active cases and we are committed to offering the best support and advice to those who need it in 2023.”

The largest single award in 2022 was for a mother and her child through a claim that arose from mistakes during labour, resulting in developmental delay and cerebral palsy in the son.

“The boy will require care and assistance throughout the rest of his life,” said Clare. “We were pleased to recover a significant lump sum, as well as a Periodical Payment Order that will meet his annual care needs.

“A Periodical Payment Order means the family will receive a yearly payment of damages, helping to provide certainty and ensure that their needs will be covered long into the future.”

In another significant case, Higgs LLP achieved a capitalised settlement of an eight-figure sum for a client who received substandard care in relation to management of their mental health.

The damages will mean she can move into specially adapted accommodation, be assisted by a team of carers and receive the best ongoing therapies possible.

In addition to handling brain and birth injury claims, the team also assisted in cases of negligent dentistry, orthopaedics, cancer, anaesthesia and surgery. In these cases, procuring high-quality expert evidence was key to ensuring the clients were in the best possible position to settle their claim.

Higgs LLP has particular expertise in cases involving serious birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, in addition to spinal cord injuries, delayed diagnosis and fatal claims.

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