Our heritage

Our legacy in the Heart of the Black Country

Our roots run deep – a testament to our unwavering commitment to the community that has nurtured us for generations. Established in the heart of the Black Country, an area renowned for its steel mills and iron foundries, our story is intertwined with the very fabric of this resilient region. Our heritage speaks of dedication, perseverance, and the remarkable journey that has brought us to where we stand today.

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"They are exceptionally professional in their approach and any questions are answered without delay"

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A journey back to 1875

Our journey began in 1875, when Joseph Higgs, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen understanding of the local needs laid the cornerstone of our firm.

In the midst of the clanging steel mills and the roar of iron foundries, Joseph Higgs saw an opportunity to provide the legal support that the community required. His vision was not just to offer legal services, but to be a steadfast partner in the growth of the Black Country.

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Generations united

As years turned into decades, the Higgs family's commitment remained unwavering. The mantle of responsibility was passed from one generation to the next, with each successor carrying forward the legacy with pride.

David Higgs, the fourth generation of his family to work at the firm, epitomised the values instilled by his forefathers. His connection to the firm was not merely professional; it was a deeply rooted bond, nurtured by the knowledge that his ancestors had contributed to shaping the very foundation of our practice.

David's grandfather, Joseph, and his father, also named Joseph, had walked the same path. Their collective dedication became the cornerstone on which our firm stood tall.

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Merging legacy and modernity

In 2009, we embarked on a significant chapter in our history – a chapter that would see the creation of the largest legal office in the Black Country. Merging multiple offices into a single new building marked a monumental stride towards modernity while upholding the values that had defined us for over a century.

The Waterfront in Brierley Hill became more than just a location; it became a symbol of our commitment to progress without forsaking our heritage. This move wasn't just about bricks and mortar; it was about creating a space that embodies our legacy while accommodating the needs of a changing world.

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"When I joined the firm back in 1957 there were about 40 people and it was obviously a very different place back then. Photo copiers were just about being invented but there was lots of ink everywhere"

David Higgs

"We are extremely proud of our Black Country roots and we have always enjoyed a strong connection with Birmingham and the wider West Midlands"

Paul Hunt, Partner

Honouring a remarkable journey

In 2019, David Higgs retired, marking the end of a remarkable era. His dedication, spanning five decades, was a reflection of the Higgs family's enduring commitment to the firm and the Black Country community. His legacy serves as an inspiration to all of us, reminding us of the profound impact one family can have on an institution and a region.

Higgs Office Internal
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A living legacy

As we stand today, our heritage is more than just a chapter in a history book – it's a living, breathing testament to our values and our dedication to the Black Country. The echoes of the steel mills and iron foundries that once defined this area resonate in our work, our principles, and our commitment to exceptional client service.

Our journey, begun by Joseph Higgs in 1875, continues to be enriched by every client we serve, every matter we handle, and every milestone we achieve. We are not just legal advisers; we are stewards of a legacy that spans generations. Our heritage is a testament to the Black Country's enduring spirit, and we are proud to continue contributing to its story of growth, progress, and resilience.

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