New ACAS Guidance: Stress Management in the Workplace

24th May 2023

New ACAS Guidance: Stress Management in the Workplace

A recent ACAS publication states that 1 in 3 workers believe that their organisation is not effective at managing stress in the workplace, and 3 in 5 employees feel stressed due to the rising cost of living.

Acas has therefore produced new advice for employers that includes tips on how to spot the signs of stress, help manage it and create an environment at work where staff can openly talk about it. The advice recognises that employees should look after their own health and wellbeing at work and flag any stress related concerns to their manager as soon as possible. Despite this, managers should remain alert to the spotting the signs of an employee suffering from stress including poor concentration, tiredness, low mood and/or avoiding social events.

ACAS emphasises that by law, employers must carry out a risk assessment to protect their employees from stress at work. Employers should also ensure they are following the law on working time, as long hours without regular breaks can trigger work-related stress.

Ultimately, employers should prioritise building positive work environments to ‘reap huge benefits’ by increasing the happiness and productivity of their workforce. A reduction in workplace stress also reduces the risk of employees suffering from physical and mental conditions such as burnout and heart disease.

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If you would like further advice on managing stress within your organisation please contact Lucy Williams at Lucy Williams or 01384 327344.


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