Higgs plants 225 trees to celebrate coronation

4th May 2023

Higgs plants 225 trees to celebrate coronation

Award-winning law firm Higgs LLP has celebrated the King’s coronation by planting a new tree for every colleague in the business.

The firm has joined forces with environmental group The Future Forest Company to plant 225 sapling trees on sites across the UK, helping to absorb thousands of kilograms of carbon dioxide every year.

The project is in line with King Charles’ long standing desire for a greener future.

Every member of the Higgs team has been presented with a certificate detailing the tree that has been planted in their name and where it is located.

Partner Nyree Applegarth, who heads up Higgs’ sustainability team, said: “We’re delighted to team up with The Future Forest Company to plant these trees in strategic locations across the country.

“It’s a fantastic means for the firm to celebrate the coronation in a way that will be provide environmental benefits for decades to come, something which is a cause close to His Majesty The King’s heart.

“This project forms part of Higgs’ desire to limit its carbon footprint and to operate as sustainably as possible.”

The Future Forest Company aims to plant enough trees to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030. 

The group plants native, broadleaf trees on its sites to create thriving habitats for wildlife.

Tree planting helps with deforestation, biodiversity enhancement, protection from soil erosion, flooding and keeping climatic systems in balance.

The amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere per tree is dependent on type, age and location, amongst other variables. On average, however, a mature tree absorbs around 25kg of carbon each year.

Higgs LLP was one of the first members of The Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA), an inclusive movement of law firms and other organisations committed to taking action on climate change.  

Each member in the movement has pledged to reduce their carbon footprint and use their wider influence on clients, suppliers, employees and policy makers.



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