Charity Governance Code: Principle 6 – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

18th February 2022

Charity Governance Code: Principle 6 – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

After a short hiatus, we continue our exploration of the Charity Governance Code. Today Kirsty McEwen in the Higgs Charity and Not For Profit team looks at Principle 6 – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

What is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

The board should have a clear, agreed and effective approach to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation and in its own practice. This approach supports good governance and the delivery of the organisation’s charitable purposes.

This principle is the focus of the December 2020 update of the Charity Governance Code.

Boards should be giving serious thought to this principle and how it can be applied throughout their charities.

Why is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion important?

  • Implementing this principle will encourage good governance and social justice in the boardroom.
  • The charitable purposes of any organisation must have a public benefit element, focusing on equality of outcomes will ensure that public benefit is maximised.
  • A diverse board will be more capable of representing the voices and the needs of the communities they are seeking to serve. This will help board’s purposes and aims to remain relevant and maximise impact.
  • Inclusive boards will allow all participants to contribute honestly and effectively. This will help prevent societal power imbalances impacting board decisions.
  • A diverse and inclusive board will reflect a wider range of perspectives, experiences and skills which will ultimately help the charity best achieve its charitable purposes.

How can Higgs LLP help?

Our team of experienced solicitors in the charity sector can help in a number of ways, including:

  • Assessing understanding of systems and culture
  • Setting context-specific and realistic plans and targets
    • We can help create plans, policies, milestones, targets and timelines for implementing equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Taking action and monitoring performance
    • We can help the board understand the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion and identify any gaps in the boards understanding.
  • We can recommend best practice for monitoring equality, diversity and inclusion practices.
  • Publishing performance information and learning
    • We can advise on publishing equality, diversity and inclusion data. We can recommend appropriate targets to improve.
    • We can advice on the board’s composition.

Other tips:

  • Boards should agree plans, set targets and monitor their progress on equality and diversity.
  • The board’s culture should welcome and value the opinions of all trustees and encourage contribution from any member.
  • Regular training on diversity and inclusion should be mandatory for all board members.


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