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£400,000 compensation for negligent treatment at Urgent Care Centre

16th October 2020

£400,000 compensation for negligent treatment at Urgent Care Centre

Following a failure to diagnose and treat a heart attack upon first admission to A&E, Clare Langford, Partner in the Clinical Negligence team, acted on behalf of a client to secure £400,000 compensation. 

Our client suffered a heart attack in November 2015 after attending his local A&E Department with chest pain two days earlier.

Upon initially attending A&E, an ECG was performed and he was observed by the Urgent Care Centre where all observations were noted to be normal. He was discharged home without any further investigations and anticoagulants were not prescribed. He was advised to return should the problem reoccur.

Two days later, our client suffered further chest pain and was taken directly to hospital where an ECG showed that he had suffered a heart attack. A subsequent angiogram also demonstrated an artery obstruction which was treated accordingly.

As a result of the failure to diagnose and treat our client upon his first admission to A&E, the heart attack that he suffered left him with irreparable cardiac muscle damage. This had a significant impact on his quality of life and life expectancy. He therefore sought legal advice from the Clinical Negligence team at Higgs & Sons.

The Defendant acknowledged their failures in relation to the standard of care provided and accepted that reasonable treatment at the client’s first admission to A&E would have resulted in a diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome and appropriate management would have been triggered. This included the prescription of an anticoagulant which would have likely prevented our client’s heart attack a few days later. The Defendant also acknowledged that, as a result of the heart attack, our client had been left with severely decreased left ventricular contractile dysfunctions.

Evidence to support the claim was obtained from a Consultant Cardiologist, Consultant Psychiatrist and Care Expert. These experts commented on our client’s condition and prognosis. It was noted that the breach had a significant impact on our client’s life expectancy and earning potential.

Breach of duty and causation were admitted by the Defendant. After entering into negotiations with the Defendant, the claim settled in our client’s favour for the sum of £400,000.


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